Online Eligibility System

The GHSA has implemented a web-based system for the reporting of Non-Transfer and Transfer Student Eligibility information. Students that were previously reported on Form A and Form B should now be entered into this new system.  Non-transfer students are required to be entered online - no Form As will be accepted.  Transfer students should be entered into the online system as well, but paper Form Bs will still be accepted until January 1, 2018.  Form C (Interrupted Eligibility), Form MT (Magnet Transfer), and the Hardship Application will continue to be used at this time. Eighth (8th) Grade students may also be reported using the new system.

This system will allow schools to:

  • Manage the school’s eligibile student roster (non-transfer students only)
  • Allow schools to receive student's eligibility status immediately
  • Student eligibility information can be retrieved by the school AD at any time during the season
  • Student eligibility information can be entered manually or uploaded via a spreadsheet
  • Students will be promoted from season to season while they have remaining eligible semesters - so only units have to be updates from semester to semester

Instructions for using the system can be found in the following handouts:

GHSA Online Eligibility -  School User's Guide

GHSA Online Eligibility -  Principal's Guide