Online Sanctioned Event Applications

A new system has been put into place to allow schools to enter and submit applications for events to be sanctioned by the GHSA completely online.

This system will completely replace the current paper form.  Please review the guide below for more information.

Sanctioned Event Application - User Guide

Changes to Transfer Student Eligibility Form

Due to an occasional overlap with addresses spilling into multiple service areas,(i.e. Atlanta may be an address for numerous schools), the GHSA is adding an additional line item to the current transfer form. When listing Previous and Present Home Addresses you must also list the Previous and Present Service Area.

Also, as of January 1, 2018, all transfer student applications must be submitted using the online Eligibility system.  Paper "Form B" forms will no longer be accepted.

Online Eligibility System

The GHSA has implemented a web-based system for the reporting of Non-Transfer and Transfer Student Eligibility information. Students that were previously reported on Form A and Form B should now be entered into this new system.  Non-transfer students are required to be entered online - no Form As will be accepted.  Transfer students should be entered into the online system as well, but paper Form Bs will still be accepted until January 1, 2018.  Form C (Interrupted Eligibility), Form MT (Magnet Transfer), and the Hardship Application will continue to be used at this time. Eighth (8th) Grade students may also be reported using the new system.

This system will allow schools to:

  • Manage the school’s eligibile student roster (non-transfer students only)
  • Allow schools to receive student's eligibility status immediately
  • Student eligibility information can be retrieved by the school AD at any time during the season
  • Student eligibility information can be entered manually or uploaded via a spreadsheet
  • Students will be promoted from season to season while they have remaining eligible semesters - so only units have to be updates from semester to semester

Instructions for using the system can be found in the following handouts:

GHSA Online Eligibility -  School User's Guide

GHSA Online Eligibility -  Principal's Guide


Online Eligibility Clarifications

Second Semester Eligibility for School Year
In accordance with GHSA By-Law 2.34, units do not have to be submitted for students whose eligibility has not changed from the first semester of a school year to the second semester.  If a student was declared eligible in the first semester, the student remains eligible in the second semester, unless the student failed to earn the required number of units in the first semester (2.5) to continue eligibility or some other event occurred that has rendered the student ineligible.  However, if a student was declared ineligible in the first semester and has earned enough units to become eligible, for example, the student units can be uploaded or entered allowing the system to reevaluate the student's eligibility for the second semester.  By-law 2.34:

Once a student has been certified eligible by the school and has been processed by the GHSA, eligibility is assumed to be continuing, and no further eligibility report is necessary for that student during the school year unless situations occur that render the student ineligible.
Second Semester Eligibility for Hybrid or Year Long Schedules
Students on hybrid or year-long schedules that are entered into the eligibility system in the second semester must contain the required units for the previous semester (2.5) in order for the student to be declared eligible.  We realize that the transcript systems of some schools are not updated with grades at mid-year for year-long classes, but there must be some indication given that the student is passing the required number of units for each semester.  If the school is exporting the student data into a spreadsheet, the previous semester units may need to be manually corrected in order to meet this criteria. By-Law 1.53 (Advisory Notice):
1. Definition: A student takes a combination of courses scheduled as block courses, yearlong courses and/or traditional courses.
2. To be eligible, a student must be enrolled in a combination of courses that carry at least 2.5 units.
3. To be eligible, a student must have passed a combination of courses the previous semester that carries at least 2.5 units.

Swimming and Diving Proof of Performance System

The GHSA has implemented a web-based system for the reporting of Swimming and Diving Proof of Performance that replaces the previous system that was on the Georgia Prep Country website.

This system will allow ADs and Swimming and Diving Coaches the ability to:

  • Manage the school’s Swimming and Diving team rosters
  • Allow Proof of Performance records for swimming to be maintained for qualified swimmers
  • Allow Dive Sheets to be uploaded for qualifying divers for approval
  • Maintain the roster of school swimming and diving coaches
  • Submit state entry rosters for swimmers and divers participating in the state meet
  • Review the Proof of Performance records for athletes from other schools

Access codes for swimming and diving coaches were mailed to all member schools during the summer.

Instructions for using the system can be found in the following handout:

GHSA Swimming and Diving POP School User's Guide

School Directory Information Due August 1

Every GHSA member school is required to submit directory information online by August 1.  This includes:

  1. Verifying school address and phone numbers
  2. Compiling and entering the school staff roster
  3. Having the Principal or Headmaster approve the school staff roster

Passes cannot be issued until all steps are complete.

Instructions for using the online directory system can be found in the following handouts:

GHSA Directory -  School User's Guide

GHSA Directory -  Principal's Guide

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