2019-2020 Directory

The 2019-2020 school directory is now open for updates.

A few changes have been made to the system.

School and Contact Information

A new form has been implemented to allow ADs to update school directory information as well as school contact information. The paper School Contact Information form is being discontinued. The School Directory Info link has been removed from the MIS website menu.  This form can be updated at any time as school or personnel changes occur - the GHSA office will be notified when updates are made to the form so their records can be updated as well. At the beginning of each school year, the AD will be prompted to review the School and Contact Information - if no updates are needed, the user must simply save the form - the user will be prompted until this is completed.

School Directory

New for this year, an email address will be required for each sport coach and activity coordinator.  An email address will not be required for administrative users, trainers or lay coaches.  A field for a mobile phone number is also available, but is not required.  This was done to be able to more precisely target the correct group of personnel when information is sent out from the GHSA office.  The GHSA is trying to reduce the amount of email forwarding that must be done by the contact person.  Note, email address and mobile phone numbers will not be published by the GHSA and will only be used for communication from the GHSA to school personnel.  We are also hoping to be able to soon be able to allow logins via email address in order to reduce the number of accounts and passwords that must be managed by the coaches and the AD for clinics, rosters, and results - more information on that later.

Head coaches will always be the primary contact for a sport/activity.  Other coaches, can be added as an additional contact by indicating this on the roster form.  Contact information can be updated at any time and does not require principal approval.

Coaching positions for eSports and Dance have been added so please add these coaches.  However, these positions are not eligible for a GHSA pass - if these positions are the only responsibilities for a coach.