2017-2018 Literary Participation Survey

Athletic Directors - please click on the link below to complete a survey of your school's plans to participate in Literary during the 2017-2018 school year. If you do not know at this time, please make your best guess, as the GHSA must have your answer at this time.  Regions and especially Areas will need time to determine personnel to conduct meets, set dates and sites, and procure judges. EVERY SCHOOL must submit this form regardless of whether you are participating.

https://app.ghsa.net/2017-2018-literary-participation-survey (Only school ADs have access to the survey)

The GHSA Executive Committee voted to allow GHSA to conduct a survey to determine Literary participation for the 2017-18 school year.  For Regions in Class 2A through 7A the amount of participation will determine if you continue to have a Region competition or an Area competition.  Regions that have four (4) schools participating will continue to be a Region, while those Regions with 3 or less teams will be combined with other like Regions to form Areas.  This will save the cost of competitions, as it allows Regions with little participation to join with another and only pay one set of judges.  This will not decrease the amount of qualifiers for State Literary, and an equitable formula will be developed, in each classification, to determine the number of qualifiers from each Region or Area. 

Class A is already in Areas, but this survey will assist us in balancing the Areas for an equitable distribution at both the A-Public and A-Private State Literary Meets.